Crystal Therapy Diploma

The Crystal Therapy Diploma comprises three stages with a break between each stage providing you the opportunity to complete written assessment and case studies etc. before progressing to the next stage. Successful completion of all three stages including written assessment, practical assessment & case studies is a requirement before the Diploma can be awarded.

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Stage 1 - Personal Wellbeing

  • This level is an introductory level, which is suitable for complete beginners or for existing therapists to enhance their skillset.
  • There are no pre-requisites for studying this level.
  • The course will either be taught as six one-day workshops or twelve 3-hour evening classes
  • Can be attended for personal interest only i.e. assessment exercises etc. are not required and is advertised as the Connecting With Crystals Course

For full details of this stage click here.

Stage 2 - Crystal Therapy Practitioner

Once you have completed Stage 1 you can continue to Stage 2 and the pre-requisites for this stage include:

  • Completion of an appropriate A&P course (which can be included as an additional home-study module for Stage 1 at an additional cost);
  • Completion of the Stage 1 assessment questions

For full details of this stage click here.

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Stage 3 - Advanced Practitioner

This level continues from the Stage 2 and its pre-requisites include completion of:

  • 15 treatment case studies
  • The Stage 2 Assessment questions
  • The Health & Safety online assessment

 For full details of this stage click here.

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