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Licence Free Music

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have an affiliation with any of the artists listed here and I do not receive any remuneration for advertising them.  I share the information purely to help you find suitable royalty-free music for your therapy sessions.

Rob Hulford

British musician & composer Rob Hulford has a royalty free music option on his website where you can purchase from a choice of twelve compositions, each 60 minutes long. There are two options with regards to licensing. Tracks with the Standard licence option are £15 and the Enhanced licence option are £20


Another British musician who produces music suitable for therapy sessions. He used to offer a therapist licence but has now changed this so contact him for more information.  Some tracks may be familair to you if you have already purchased albums such as "Namaste - True Reiki" etc. - you will, I believe, need to purchase the Aroshanti versions in order to have the royalty-free aspect though.  Below are just four of the albums available on the Aroshanti website.

Enlightened Audio

This is the website of Australian composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke.  He has a very wide range of music for relaxation, meditation etc. and although it is probably the most expensive it is worth a look and the price includes the licence.  He also offers 'Discount Packs' where you pay a certain price for a store credit limit e.g.  pay £225 and you can purchase up to £350 of music